Religious sermons’ delivered to your computer; this could hurt donations but increase members –

We have written about how important text (SMS) messaging is, and that the future of text messaging and Twitter is in content development. Here is an example of what is possible for the next level of text messaging, and Twitter content and delivery. While, some of you have already heard about voice to text technology, Spinvox (or Jott in the USA), of England is marketing its technology to church going computer savvy people. We do not doubt that the Taliban have already embraced this method of communication via mobile phone, because the majority of their work is done surreptitiously outside a formal office environment.  Religious leaders in the UK have been delivering their Sunday sermons’, and other messages via e-mail to its members’ computers. As noted by Springwise, “Rev. John Kronenberg led the service celebrating the beginning of Advent; his words were automatically converted by SpinVox, and sent directly to subscribers’ in-boxes in a matter of moments. Some 100 members of St. Christopher’s church received the sermon by email on Sunday, and the next such service will take place on Dec. 21”. “A growing number of voice messaging services can transcribe a customer’s voice-mail messages into text e-mails. Frequently, these services use a combination of speech recognition software and human transcriptionists,” said Chris Strammiello, NaturallySpeaking Product manager. How soon before consumers are able to record meetings, and have speech recognition software accurately transcribe what everyone (multiple conversations) said into text? “Strammiello declined to guess, but allowed it would probably happen in less than ten years.”
By – Peter Sabbagh


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