Out of the box marketing unfolds globally…

Niche marketing has been around for many years, but recently new social technologies, green marketing, and economic conditions have contributed to novel marketing and branding. Singapore has a total population 4,839.4, and is known for its governments orderly management style of  its country, although that hasn’t stopped innovation in the private sector. Venue VBOX, a Singapore company has designed shipping containers that can be used as a portable, modular pop-up night club.

The “Night Spot”, is constructed from shipping containers capable of opening to three times its original size. The container system holds 500 people. Electricity, audio-visual and hospitality equipment are also part of Aqua’s design feature. The company is also willing to create a system for almost any geographic location. Singapore has a high energy population, and a waterfront not unlike many other large cities globally, this concept should also work well in other locations.

Shop in a box

As they say on Project Runway, one day your in, and one day your out! Here trailers are out, and the venue VBOX, also from Singapore is in. For an instant land based marketing buzz, branding or events campaign, the instant shop can be set up for almost any land location.

The box shops  system can be built quickly and moved to several locations to support a traveling event promotion, or to bring a product to the consumer.  A great way to stimulate sales or build new product interest, particularly while many consumers are not willing to drive out of their neighborhood to go shopping because of high fuel prices. If a product does not yet have an established marketing channel or distribution network, you can create sales and strengthen branding through a pop-up campaign, and without a long term lease or utility commitment. As the  marketing material suggests, the VBox comes equipped with an iMac and iPod HiFi. It’s entirely ready to go; just fill it with your products. Its clients are some well known companies such as, RAF SIMONS (Prada Group), PUMA designer co-labs by Alexander McQueen, Christy Turlington, Mihara Yasuhiro as well as CDs, magazines/books and Motorola phones. This may also be an affordable way for a start-up to market and brand it’s product or service, along with its Web 2.0 campaign.

By Peter Sabbagh

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