Will India Outsource To The United States?

Will the weak job market in the United States benefit from the projected increased demand for Search Engine Marketing “SEM” experts in India? It may for the following reasons.

India is one of the largest outsource locations for Information Technology globally. In a recent Indian report by IAMAI-IMRB about the growing demand for SEM specialists, it suggests that SEM has not reached its full user potential, and that population, increased user savvy, new awareness of SEM strategy, and global outsourcing are the reasons for the projected demand. The report also mentions that the current Indian shortage of SEM specialists includes the following skill levels: junior 150%, middle 100%, and senior 100%. Part of the demand is generated from 75% of the domestic business market in India. These sectors include, financial, educational, and tourism, with telecom and the computer industries increasing in SEM usage. The remaining demand is generated from global outsourcing. Finally, Indian SEM revenues are expected to increase by 100% by financial year 2009-2010, to reach USD 225 million, and India’s lack of skilled manpower is the only “roadblock” states the IAMAI-IMRB study.

What opportunities are available for SEM specialists’ around the world? Global SEM and New Media assignments in India. Because the SEM market in the United States is considered mature, it provides a great opportunity for American SEM and New Media specialists at the Middle (approximately 2 to 5 years), and Senior (approximately 5 to 20 years in SEM and Marketing) SEM professionals to pursue projects in India. Currently, the majority of Middle and Senior level SEM professionals reside in the United States. Many have strong technical, problem solving, creative, and communication skills. These are valuable and necessary skills for best practices SEM. The IAMAI-IMRB Report also suggests that India has approximately 39 Google Ad words Qualified Advertising Professionals (GAP), including individuals and companies, (about 10%) as compared to US which has the highest number of GAP qualified.

If SEM specialists in the United States market their SEM services to Indian Offshore, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations companies at a time of great demand for their skills, they could provide the services remotely, with periodic visits to the host country. By gaining valuable international business experience they become more in demand globally, and stronger practice professionals. Their experience working in a global business environment has value. Going forward, there will be a need for workers in the Unites States to have a better business understanding of the global market place as countries around the world work more closely. – By Peter Sabbagh

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