Marketing professionals should know the Geography of Personality -The Swiss are highly conscientious; Indians and Canadians agreeable…

Because if the widespread use of  technology for communicating globally through text (SMS), mobile, blogs, and social networking web sites, it is a good time for many of us to better understand the personalities of our friends living in the global villages around the world. For example, a recent study sited in Newsweek, and the most extensive study yet of how personality varies across the United States, suggests that a “neuroticism belt” divides the East and West, with states from Maine to Louisiana scoring highest and the West lowest.

For marketing professionals this study holds valuable information about your target market. When preparing your collateral materials (brochures, Power Point presentations, etc.), recruiting your sales team, developing products and services for specific locations domestically or globally, you should understand your audience. Never underestimate the power and leverage you can receive from doing your homework prior to a client presentation, or launching a marketing or sales campaign for a product or service.

By: Peter Sabbagh


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